Aug 062011

Am I left, right, up, down?

You decide for yourself. I don’t find any one political party to have very satisfactory answers on all the issues. They each have their own agendas, and in blindly following them, they erode what I think is the most important U.S. political document: The Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

These crucial human rights are frequently under attack from well meaning people trying to “protect us”. Unfortunately, such measures seldom increase our real safety, and slowly chip away at freedoms that we will someday dearly miss. The worst are those trying to put their religious beliefs into law, and those trying to prove their “patriotism” by pissing on the Constitution while protecting mere symbols like the flag.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

-Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, (1759)

I piss off my conservative friends by insisting that the 1st Amendment is intended to stop undue infuence between and interwining of church and state (it runs both ways), and protects free speech, even if it is “offensive”, “obscene” or “unpatriotic”. MORE details / links coming when I have time.

I piss off my more liberal friends by interpretting the 2nd Amendment as supporting the individual right to keep and bear arms, NOT a collective right, or the right to belong to the national guard. I piss off my conservative friends by not thinking that it is a sacred, undiluted right immune from any and all regulation. MORE details / links coming when I have time.

I piss off my libertarian friends by thinking that the “free market” will not magically fix everything, and that there is a legitimate place for goverment to regulate business and labor.

I piss off my socialist friends by thinking that over-regulation of business and labor stifles the economy.

I generally support less government, but I think there are many legitimate places for government, rather than business, to run things…

I think that health insurance (as opposed to health care) is one of those. Doctors and health care providers have a right to make good money, but health insurance should not be run for profit. In this case, a government bureaucrat is better than a corporate bean-counter. I currently pay more than three times as much money for health insurance as I pay in income taxes. If I could get government health coverage, and my taxes where increased to anything less than four times their current level, I’d be ahead of the game. Government bureaucrats are famed for screwing things up, but it’s hard to imagine any screw up worse than the intentional screwing the insurance industry is giving us all.

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