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Jul 282011
I’m a furry guy: I live with Judi:

And My Daughters,

and Ivy:


Judi and I are both graduates of St. John’s College in Annaplis, MD. Their motto, is “Facio liberos ex liberis libris libraque”. For those of you who don’t read Latin (like many SJC graduates, since we learn ancient Greek, but not Latin) is “Books, Books, Books, Books, Books,Books, Books!” (OK, OK, it’s really “I make free men out of children by means of books and a balance.”, but I like my interpretation better.)

Just like everyone else, I like to think of myself as different from anyone else, so I tend to do things my way, even if that’s against the current. Just about any category you try to fit me in, there’s some weird part of me that doesn’t fit it. I guess I revel in contradictions.

I’m a liberal arts graduate with a classical education, but I make my living with computers. A techo-renaissance sort of thing.

I love camping, canoeing, and hiking, but I’d love to see man colonize space, and I love my Macbook Pro, and my Linux servers. Sort of a mountain-man computer geek thing.

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